When you buy gages from DMI, be sure to take advantage of our “Auto-Cal” service which provides you with:
New gage(s) supplied to you at the best possible price
  • Calibration of your new gage(s)
  • Delivery of your gage(s) – calibrated, stickered, and ready to use, right from the box
  • Gage calibration & certification services can be provided on-site at your facility
  • Please refer to our A2LA Scope of Accreditation #2503.01 for published uncertainties
DMI’s “Repair or Replacement”Plan:
  • DMI offers “total maintenance service” of your Gage Calibration Database. We can advise when re-calibration is due, perform the calibration service, and update your Gage Calibration Database for you. You will be provided copies of the gage certificates.
  • If your gages are in need of repair, DMI can repair them for you, and then continue with the certification process. Most of these gage calibrations can also be performed on-site at your facility