3D Scanning


Dimensional Measurement, Inc. (DMI) offers a variety 3D Scanning services, which are useful in measuring free-form parts and become necessary when measuring flexible or fragile parts. These services include Laser Scanning, CT Scanning & White Light Scanning.

Laser Digitizing utilizes a beam of laser light to capture the physical shape of the subject part, and produce a digital image, or point cloud. Laser digitizing is among the most versatile noncontact inspection service because it is highly portable, suitable for a wide range of part sizes, and capable of obtaining a large amount of data.

Scanning can also be used in tandem with DMI’s contact CMM measurement to create Reverse Engineering solutions that neither measurement method can provide on its own. DMI’s 3D Scanning services can be performed either at our facility in Wixom, Michigan, at your facility using our equipment and inspectors. This is exceptionally helpful for very large or sensitive parts.

To compare existing parts to their CAD models, DMI’s 3D Laser scanning process can provide either:

  1. 2D (cross section) comparison, which provides a whisker plot and deviations shown by both color and length of the whisker. Both provide a very complete picture of the part’s condition – or
  2. 3D (color map) comparison of the CAD model displaying deviations between the
    developed model and the physical part.
  3. Both options provide a very complete picture of the part’s condition.

As for Reverse Engineering, DMI can process the scans into models in the following formats:

  • Wireframe
  • NURBS / Rapid Surface
  • Solid Model
  • STEP Surfaces
  • IGES Surfaces