On-Site Services


Dimensional Measurement, Inc. (DMI) will come to you!

Measurements where you need them. Designed specifically for use on the production floor, the Faro Arm is constructed with the highest quality aircraft materials aiding in temperature stability as well as durability.

With our Faro portable CMM arms, our Metrology Technician will come to your facility to inspect your parts saving you both time and money! The Faro portable arm is renowned as a portable CMM with multi-axis measurement capability that has the flexibility to take

As a portable CMM, the Faro Arm is easily set up wherever its inspection capabilities are needed. Patented internal temperature compensation corrects for environmental temperature changes to eliminate performance problems typically found in traditional measurement devices when used in less than perfect environments.

Typical Portable Arm Applications

  • Large components which are too large for conventional CMM’s
  • Components too large or inconvenient to transport
  • Measuring while the large component is still on the machine
  • Fixture verification and calibration
  • Digitizing of mold tools on site

Using ‘state of the art’ software we can inspect your parts, tools and fixture against either CAD data or a blue print or provide an CAD model of the part for reverse engineering applications.

For customers that own their arm portable CMM arm, DMI can provide highly experienced operators/ programmers to either operate your arm or to create turnkey programs for you at a reduced hourly rate.

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