CMM Inspection


Dimensional Measurement, Inc. (DMI) provides dimensional inspection services using a range of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). The CMM is the most commonly used gage in performing First Article Inspection (F.A.I.) for quality inspection purposes. F.A.I. is the verification of an initial manufactured part prior to running it in full production. This verification is achieved by comparing the part to its design media (CAD model or drawing).

Our in-house CMMs are operating with the ANSI standard Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard (DMIS) enabling the portability of the inspection programs that DMI has developed. “DMIS” is the high-tech software used by DMI, which allows for our programming to be provided quickly and efficiently. Currently, DMI utilizes two of the most popular CMM software, PC-DMIS++® and OpenDMIS.*

DMI can create and prove out your CMM inspection programs either on-line or off-line as required. For off-line programming, DMI utilizes the customer’s CAD file and drawing with your inspection requirements and we will do the rest. Our OpenDMIS Software can produce.

When moving your part to our lab becomes too costly or challenging, using DMI’s portable Faro articulating arm CMMs presents an economical and convenient solution. DMI can provide the portable equipment, or use the customer’s machine. Besides our in-house capabilities, our operators can create turn-key programs, dimensionally measure, or provide laser scans of your parts – using the most suitable method of inspection.

*PC-DMIS++® is a trademark of Hexagon AB or its subsidiaries; OpenDMIS is a trademark of Wenzel America, Ltd.